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Who am I?

Hello, and thanks for asking! My name is Julien Dessaux, and I am a 34 years old guy working in IT. Adyxax is the nickname I use on IRC, github, etc.

Online presence

You won’t find me on social networking websites. I have a Linkedin account that I don’t use and that’s it. I tried to make social networking work when I installed a pleroma instance for my own use but I ended up trashing it. I just don’t get this aspect of modern society. I hang out with my friends and we catch up : we talk about our lives, what happened to us. We share photos and stories while having a drink… and that’s it!

Professional Career

I’m currently employed as a System and Network Architect at an awesome company named AlterWay, 3 years and counting. Before that I worked for 7 years at another awesome company named Intersec where I lead the IT team.


When I joined Intersec in September 2009 as the first full time system administrator we were just about 15 people. When I left in 2016 it had grown up to more than 160 people with branch offices in three countries, and I am glad I was along for the ride. I have been the head of IT for about four years, participating in Intersec’s growth by scaling the infrastructure, deploying new services (Remote access, self hosted email, backups, monitoring, etc.), and recruiting my teammates. I left Intersec looking for new challenges and for a new life away from the capital. Paris is one of the best cities on earth, but I needed a change and left for Lyon.


I joined Alterway in October 2016 for a more technical role and a bit of a career shift towards networking. It has been a great experience.

How to get in touch

You can write me an email at julien -DOT- dessaux -AT- adyxax -DOT- org, I will answer.

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